Executive Search
First and foremost, Celerity is a boutique executive search firm working with clients to recruit Board talent and members of the Executive Team.

We regularly undertake international assignments in Asia, North and South America and in Europe.

Almost 90% of new instructions come from existing clients, the rest are through referrals or personal recommendation.

Our philosophy is to purposely restrict our client base by working only with people and organisations whose values and ethics reflect our own – this means accepting that Celerity might not be for everybody.


Countless former candidates have become long-standing clients and advocates because of how they were treated in the past.

We passionately believe that our formula for staying small gives us a significant advantage over most other search firms.

Put simply, we are massively less conflicted than dedicated industry specialists and the larger generalist firms, which means we are at liberty to search into the broadest possible range of companies on our clients’ behalf.


This freedom to source candidates from the widest possible universe becomes increasingly significant for the most senior positions, where there are a limited number of suitably qualified people.


Our focus is on detail and on providing bespoke, highly personalised attention throughout the process, as well as the timely and successful completion of assignments. We remain utterly committed to building long-lasting client relationships that add tangible value over the years – as distinctly opposed to executing purely transactional volume. On average we retain well over three quarters of the clients we work with.

Celerity carries out all search assignments with the dedicated support of a world-class research function which has decades of in-depth knowledge and experience, most of whom have worked with us for over 15 years.


We bring inspired and lateral thinking to our clients’ trickiest people sourcing challenges. At Celerity we go way beyond the obvious to identify and engage candidates, some of which may be working outside your closest competitors in fields previously unconsidered. As a result we consistently enjoy one of the highest completion rates in the industry.


The very first thing we do is listen. We act with humility and never assume we have the right solution to impose before investing the time and trouble to better understand your individual needs and organisational idiosyncrasies.

It’s one thing being committed to the UK Voluntary Code for Women on Boards like most search firms – we took the decision to go a step further; indeed almost half our own business activity is dedicated to advancing the careers of women. We believe Celerity is unique in this regard.

Clients trust us to act with discretion and sensitivity, and to exercise the best possible judgement in everything we do. We never forget the role we play in upholding a client’s employer brand or how fulfilling the role as a true ambassador can influence the successful outcome of an assignment.