Women in Leadership
Commitment to gender balance is at an all-time high, however some companies and organisations are struggling to put this commitment into practice.

Celerity helps organisations to unlock the well proven commercial benefits of achieving greater levels of gender balance. We look at the push factors that countless highly successful women have embraced to propel them to where they are today and the pull factors put in place by some of the world’s best employers for women.


Women who experience greater sense of challenge, fulfilment and reward will perform better and are proven to deliver improved commercial returns. More engaged and supported at work, they are also a lot less likely to leave, often to join a direct competitor or to start their own business. They are also far more likely to return from maternity leave rather than become full-time Mums if the working environment and culture is attractive enough for them to do so.

Businesses with more women making more executive decisions – as distinct from independent directors sitting on Boards – will:

Women in Leadership Celerity   Improve business performance – fact
Women in Leadership Celerity   Be more aligned to markets and customers – fact
Women in Leadership Celerity   Have the freedom to source talent from a 50% wider candidate pool – fact
Women in Leadership Celerity   Achieve better corporate governance – fact
Women in Leadership Celerity   Attract and retain more high calibre female leaders – fact
Women in Leadership Celerity   Build the next generation of future female Board talent – fact


What can women do to propel themselves into more senior positions at work more quickly?


The Celerity Female Leaders Retreat is an immersive one-day retreat for a maximum of five women.


The Female Leaders Retreat has been painstakingly created following several years of research and development. The Retreat has one core aim which is to help more women to reach more senior positions at work more quickly and, by doing so, reach their full potential.


The Retreat is for Executive Team members, their direct reports and other high-potential aspiring women wishing to achieve greater recognition and career advancement at work.


Executives and managers participating in the Retreat can expect to feel stronger, more determined and confident and, above all, more willing to start pushing themselves forward… starting the very next day.


Participants thrive in the open, relaxed and supportive atmosphere, feeling comfortable speaking honestly and passionately about the real challenges and perceived obstacles they face in pursuit of personal development and career advancement.


The Retreats are set in the real world and deal with issues as they currently stand – not in the ideal world we wish existed.


What do employers need to do to attract, engage and retain more outstanding women?


How can Female Leadership Talent be supported through the organisation into Board and Executive Team positions?


Longer term, organisations will only succeed in attracting and retaining more women executives if they truly embrace gender diversity and recognise that it is a strategic imperative, critical to future commercial success.


Celerity has researched the activities and initiatives for women in numerous leading organisations and identified a suite of actions that, when implemented, support and pull women up through the organisation.


Following a review of all the available options, we recommend a series of initiatives to redress any gender imbalance.

Programme overview
What participants have said:
They would recommend the programme to a colleague
They felt more confident of achieving their career goals and more inspired and determined to do so
The programme content was relevant to helping plan practical and authentic actions to unlock their true potential
They felt better prepared and equipped to confront the barriers holding them back

Women in Leadership Celerity